Project 2003/1

Urban Flood Inundation Modeling in Mekong River Basin Using a Physically Based Surface-River Model
Launched Since : November, 2003
Status : Completed

Brief Information : This is a research project that aims at developing a system for urban flood inundation simulation in the Lower Mekong river basin. The project mainly focuses on physically based surface-river modeling for flood inundation simulation. The model will be developed with the objective of integrating it with airborne and space borne resources and numerical weather prediction models for designing an integrated flood warning system. An existing mathematical model will be modified and improved for Mekong river basin. In the first year of the project, the existing model will be tested in a small river basin with historical data. The second year would be spent on model improvement, its application and verification in the Mekong River basin with data of some selected major flood events.