About RNUS

The Regional Network Office for Urban Safety (RNUS) is a collaborative center jointly operated by the School of Engineering and Technology (SET), Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), and the International Center for Urban Safety Engineering (ICUS), Institute of Industrial Science, The University of Tokyo (UT). RNUS was founded in 2002 to promote research and educational activities for improving urban safety and disaster prevention in Asian countries by promoting collaborative research with various organizations in areas of urban safety engineering.

RNUS’s main focus is developing innovative technologies such as numerical models and geospatial technologies for managing urban infrastructures, mitigating urban disaster risk and environmental problems, and adapting climate change for sustainable development in Asian cities and the Mekong River basin.


Through the RNUS, School and Engineering and Technology and the International Center for Urban Safety Engineering cooperate in promoting urban safety engineering utilizing advanced engineering technologies.

  • Establishing regional research network for sharing information and technology in the field of urban safety engineering
  • Conducting collaborative research with various research institutes, governmental and international organizations in Asia
  • Developing and disseminating innovative urban safety technology by considering sustainability and unique regional characteristics.

Functions / Scope of Works
RNUS spearheads the integration of collaborative research projects with Thai researchers and other Asian countries through the following activities.

  • Joint researches
  • Joint projects
  • Joint seminars/ workshop / symposia
  • Establishing regional network of researchers
  • Publications
  • Exchange of staff

Area of Interest

  • Disaster mitigation
  • Infrastructure maintenance
  • New technology for urban safety



RNUS Logo Meaning

RNUS logo design concept is characterized by three parts; the Earth centered on Thailand, a building on the top of the earth and an orbit around the earth. The Earth centered on Thailand means that our activity is focused on a collaboration from Thailand to the neighboring countries.

  • A building on the top of the earth represents that our research is focused on urban safety issues.
  • An orbit around the earth is expected to exchange ideas and information over the world getting along with our partner, ICUS in Japan and BNUS in Bangladesh.

Credits: RNUS’s logo and website design by Ms. Aphisorn Suwannasuk & Mr.Sanit Arunpold