Project 2006/1

Feasibility Study on the Application of Expansive Concrete to Alleviate the Cracking Problem of RC structure in Thailand
Launched Since : October, 2006
Status : On Progress

Brief Information : Cracking is the most unwanted behaviors of RC structure since it creates a lot of drawbacks. The cracking can reduce some structural performance such as sectional stiffness and, at the same time, allow deterioration to continue with much faster speed. In addition, for some special buildings, it is preferable to avoid completely any crack. This project aims to evaluate the feasibility of the application of expansive concrete to solve the cracking problem of RC structure in Thailand. The situation of concrete industry in Thailand, including local materials (such as fly ash) as well as the cost estimation is also included in this study. The final goal is to enable the application of expansive concrete in Thailand efficiently with controllable expense.