Seminar on “Transportation”
Date : Mar 25th, 2008 

Information : Cordially invite you to attend Seminar on Transportation. It is scheduled on Tuesday 25 March 2008 at 10.30-12.00 a.m. in room 501 (Civil Engineering Building) at Chulalongkorn University.
The list of the topic is shown below:

Time Topic Speaker
10.00-10.30 Registration
10.30-10.40 Opening speech
10.40-11.10 Urban railway network planning in Tokyo, Japan Dr. Hironori Kato
11.10-11.40 Feasibility study of peak-hour road shoulder usage in urbanized motorways Dr. Shinji Tanaka

* Note: Please register for it by sending an email to rnus@ait.ac.th or calling tel. no. 02-5246418. We may have to limit the number of visitors (say 20-30) due to space constraints, so please register for it at the earliest.

Title: “Urban railway network planning in Tokyo, Japan ”
by Dr. Hironori Kato Assistant Professor Department of Civil Engineering, University of Tokyo

Abstract: Tokyo has developed a wide and high-density urban railway network in the past over fifty years. This presentation will present the rough history of railway network development in Tokyo and the latest master plan of urban railway network in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area. The planning process and the technical issues including the travel demand forecast and economic evaluation method in the latest master plan is also shown. Finally, the current problems in the urban railway service in Tokyo are discussed. The experience in Tokyo is highly expected to contribute to the MRT/Sky_train development in Bangkok.