ICUS renewed contract of RNUS with AIT
Date : Dec 9th, 2007 

Information : ICUS and Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Thailand agreed to renew Memorandum of Agreement to continue their cooperating program in RNUS to continue reviewing and finding the new dimension in their cooperative activities to reaffirm the strong commitment and determination to make the urban environment safer. The contract signing ceremony between ICUS director, Prof. Kimiro Meguro and Dean of school of engineering and technology, Prof. Worsak Kanok-nukulchai, was held on 9th December 2007 during USMCA2007 at the Sheraton Hotel, Dhaka. The ceremony was witnessed by ICUS members, Prof. Yoshifumi Yatsuoka, Prof. Hiroshi Yokota, Dr. Reiko Kuwano, Dr. Ryozo Ooka, Dr. Yoshitaka Kato, Dr. Miho Yoshimura Ohara, Dr. Paola Mayorca and Dr. Kawin Worakanchana, IIS faculty member, Dr. Takeuchi Wataru and other participants in USMCA2007.

Since establishing, RNUS with the cooperation with Asian Institute of Technology has carried out many successful joint researches and projects in the areas of urban safety disaster management, sustainable engineering and infrastructure dynamic including the Study on Application of Fly Ash as Concrete Ingredient in Thailand & Japan in 2005, Evaluation of Water Use in Irrigated Paddy Fields in Eastern Part of Thailand Using Remote Sensing and Meteorological Data in 2005, Urban Flood Inundation Modeling in Mekong River Basin Using a Physically Based Surface-River Model in 2003 and etc.

Contract signing between Prof. Kimiro Meguro and Prof. Worsak Kanok-Nukulchai

Group photo after signing ceremony