Seminar on “Niigata-Tyuetsu Earthquake on October 23, 2004” 

Date : Mar 15, 2006

Information : It was a great honor of RNUS to welcome Professor Hiroshi Mutsuyoshi and Assistant Professor Takeshi Maki from Saitama University on March 15th, 2006.In this occasion, Prof. Mutsuyoshi kindly gave the special lecture titled ‘Damage of Structures due to 2004 Niigata-Ken-Tyuetsu Earthquake’ to AIT staffs and students. The presentation delivers special characteristics of Niigata-Ken-Tyuetsu earthquake and the promising technologies to prevent sudden failure and minimize the residual deformation of structure under seismic loads.

Prof.Mutsuyoshi is giving special lecture to AIT staffs and students