Seminar on “Analysis and Treatments for Corrosion of RC Structure” 

Date : Aug 9th, 2006 

Information : On 9th August 2006, RNUS organized the RNUS seminar on “Analysis and Treatments for Corrosion of Reinfoced Concrete Structure” A group of researchers from Kanazawa Institute of Technology led by Associate Professor Shinichi Miyazato and Associate Professor Mitsuharu Tokunaga kindly passed the presentations to AIT students and staffs. The seminar was composed of three presentation about the corrosion of reinforcement in concrete structure and another presentation about the three-dimensional measurement method using remote sensing technology. After the seminar, the visitors from Kanazawa Institute of Technology visited the RNUS office as well as the laboratory of structural engineering department and have a discussion about the activities of RNUS.

Associate Professor Yoshitaka Kato gave the memorial gift to Associate Professor Shinichi Miyazato for his kind presentation

Group Photo of presenters and students and staffs of STE