Seminar on “Ultrasonics and Its Application for Cement-Based Materials” 

Date : Feb 8th, 2007 

Information : On 8th Febuary 2007, RNUS seminar on ‘An Introduction to Ultrasonics and Its application for Characterization of Cement-Based Material’ was organized. The presentation was given by Dr. Wonsiri Punurai, Lecturer of Deparment of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Mahidol University. The presentation delivered a well-defined fundamental principle of ultrasonic wave with examples of its application in concrete engineering. The seminar received a remarkable interest from graduate students, researchers, as well as instructors of School of Engineering and Technology (STE), Asian Institute of Technology (AIT).

Dr.Wonsiri Punurai (second from left), with Instructors of School of Engineering and Technology (STE), AIT