Seminar on “Joint Student Seminar on Civil Infrastructures” 
Date : July 03rd, 2008

The International Center for Urban Safety Engineering (ICUS), the University of Tokyo, Japan, the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Thailand and Konkuk University, Korea organized a seminar entitled “Joint Student Seminar on Civil Infrastructures” at AIT Center (Room B108) on July 3, 2008. This seminar was sponsored among 3 countries by Thai, Korea and Japan. The seminar was inaugurated by Dr. Kyung-Ho Park, a Faculty of AIT and it was followed by 2 invited lectures, 3 faculty presentations and 16 student presentations. There were also some audiences from outside universities. The list of speakers is shown below.

Topic: Speaker

Seismic evaluation of existing reinforced concrete buildings
Dr. Pennung Warnitchai

Early Earthquake Warning System in Japan
Prof. Kimiro Meguro

Faculty presentation
Geophysical characterization of geo-materials
Dr. Cho, Gye-Chun

Trend of traffic accidents and its characteristics in Japan
Dr. Shinji Tanaka

Bond strength of concrete interface by using fracture mechanics approach
Dr. Pison Udomworarat

Student presentation
Intermodal mode choice between Japan and Russia
Kawasaki, Tomoya

Non-linear behavior of new type girder filled by high strength concrete
Choi, Sung-Woo

Elastodynamic analysis by BEM using DDM and particular integrals
Owatsiriwong, Adisorn

Evaluation of wildfire duration time over Asia using MTSAT and MODIS
Matsumura, Yusuke

Shear behavior of particles with respect to bonding state by using PFC2D
Jo, Seon-Ah

Behavior of soft ground installed with expanding vertical drain
Hoang, Phuong Tung

Utilizing heterogeneous engineering in concrete material innovations for sustainable development
Henry , Michael

A simplified 3D numerical simulation for Bangkok MRT subway tunnel
Dung, Tran Viet

Seismic behavior of precast hybrid moment resisting frames
Yooprasertchai, Ekkachai

Laboratory stiffness measurements on Toyoura sand
Ebizuka, Hiroaki

Weakly-singular integral equations for cracks in 3D linear piezoelectric finite media
Phongtinnaboot, Weeraporn

Undrained shear strength estimation of marine clay using shear wave velocity
Oh, Tae-Min

Seismic retrofitting promotion model for Masonry houses using PP-band method and micro-earthquake insurance
Sorimachi, Naoki

Stiffness characteristics of vanishing mixtures
Eom, Yong-Hun

OD variation analysis on the Tokyo Metropolitan Expressway using ETC-OD Data
Nishiuchi, Hiroaki

Study of properties of para-rubber plates for using as the capping on concrete specimens for compression test instead of molten sulphur
Suweero, Kittipong