Activities 2010

IIS Alumni Party 2010

To: All IIS Alumni member,
Regarding from IIS, The University of Tokyo. This year, We’ll serve as a supporter of organizing the 4th IIS Alumni Party at Pathumwan Princess hotel in downtown Bangkok in this winter starting by a joint symposium between Japan and Thailand.

We’ve been gathering the information of Thai alumni of IIS as much as possible to revise the Thai alumni list for invitation and make the party fruitful for all of us.  Thus, if you have graduated from The University of Tokyo and IIS, we kindly ask you to fill in the questionair and send it back us by E-MAIL or FAX. It also would be great help if you informed us about other contacts of Thai-Todai alumni who you know.

And, please let us know whether you intend to attend the party, even its details haven’t been fixed yet though. Formal invitation with program will be sent afterward. Alumni from RCAST, the department of civil engineering at Hongo campus and other Todai alumni who has been involved to IIS are warmly welcomed.

Any information you can provide us will be very helpful and appreciated.