On June 25, 2012, the first meeting between RNUS and Chula Unisearch was held at the Chula University with cooperation from Chula Unisearch. The meeting was held a half-day in which 5 participants. The meeting was started by Assoc. Prof. Akiyuki Kawasaki, Visiting Associate Professor, Water Engineering and Management Coordinator, Regional Network Office for Urban Safety. The list of participants consists of Assoc. Prof. Wataru Takeuchi (Director of JSPS Bangkok Office),  Assoc. Prof. Tavivongse Sriburi (Managing Director of Chula Unisearch), Asst. Prof. Voranop Viyakarn (Deputy Director) and Mr. Torsak Purksaritanont (General Administration Division Manager) joined the meeting.

The main objectives of this meeting are to the cooperation between RNUS and Chula Unisearch to discussion for activities and project progress.