IIS & ICUS – Chula Unisearch Workshop for Urban Safety
The first IIS-Unisearch seminar, “IIS & ICUS – Chula Unisearch Workshop for Urban Safety” was held on Febuary 27, 2007. The seminar focused on the topic related to the safety of urban area in several fields. There were a total of 7 speakers who gave lectures in this seminar with the number of 58 participants. The presentations of this work shop are listed below

Seismic Hazard Mitigation : The Thailand Experience
by Prof. Panitan Lukkunaprasit

Fire Egress Analysis for Building
by Assistant Prof. Thanyawat Pothisiri

Importance of Concrete Structure Maintenance for Urban Safety
by Prof. Taketo Uomoto

Blast Load Test on Ferrocement Bomb Baskets
by Dr. Thanakorn Pheeraphan

Sattellite Observation Network for Environment and Disaster Monitoring in Asia
by Prof. Yoshifumi Yasuoka

Rainfall Estimation by Remote Sensing Instruments
by Dr. Virat Chatdarong

Urban Transportation Safety: Current Situations and Improving Strategies
by Assistant Prof. Kasem Choocharukul
sem_27feb07_2Prof. Yoshifumi Yasuoka (ICUS) gave the memorial gift to
Prof. Ekasit Limsuwan (Chula Unisearch)

sem_27feb07_1A snap shot from the workshop

Group photo of the morning session

Group photo of the afternoon session